Tired of choosing between your phone or your phone bill when you travel to the U.S.?

Traveling with your smartphone can be a hassle - or worse. You've heard the horror story of the girl who received a $6140 phone bill after her trip to New York, or maybe you've even been hit with huge roaming bills yourself.

Discover a smarter way to travel: the Handprint TravelSmart Phone & GPS. Enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data on a beautiful, easy-to-use U.S. smartphone.

No complicated SIM-swapping. No out-of-control bills. Just a great phone at one flat, low rate. So, after you book your flight and your hotel, book your TravelSmart Phone & GPS and enjoy one less travel headache.

Simple, affordable, smart.

Great features included in the TravelSmart Phone & GPS



Save money with unlimited free calling.

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US phone number.

Phone call icon

Unlimited free calls to any US number.

Incoming calls icon

Unlimited free incoming calls from any number.

SMS icon

Unlimited free SMS to any US number.


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High speed 4g data in your hand.

TravelSmart (includes unlimited free data)
Exceptional roaming plan (rare, often limited)
Hotel WiFi
Typical roaming plan
No roaming plan
A relative comparison of the price of typical data consumption over a typical 7 day period.



Never get lost again.

Every phone comes with a built in GPS by Google Maps featuring turn by turn navigation with voice prompts.

With clear instructions and accurate maps you will be free to explore without getting lost....except when you want to.



Call home for less.

No need to buy a calling card. Great rates for international calls are available direct from your TravelSmart phone. Incoming calls from anywhere in the world are always free.

Canada as low as $0.07 a minute.

Full list of international calling rates.

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Your information never leaves your hands.

We put privacy control in your hands with Privacy Wipe. At the end of your rental tap the Privacy Wipe button on your phone, and it will erase itself before your eyes.

Privacy Wipe completely resets the phone to before it ever met you, no exceptions. Should you misplace the phone, we can even wipe it remotely.

So add your email, Facebook, Skype, and other accounts, and take all the photos you like, knowing that none of that information will ever leave your hands.



The best of the best.

Don't wait till you get home to post that photo. Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, and email are all included so connect, share, and make your friends jealous.

Local restaurant recommendations, sightseeing tips, and useful tools like currency conversion and translation are just a tap away.

Are we missing your favorite app? Choose from almost a million apps in the included Google Play store.


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Place your order.   We ship for free directly to your destination in the US.

Before you travel

Pickup TravelSmart package at your hotel
Pickup your phone   at your destination in the US. Turn on & enjoy!

In the US

Mail TravelSmart from your hotel
Mail the phone   back free of charge using the included prepaid return box.

Before you leave



Unlimited everything, risk free.

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Rent a TravelSmart Phone & GPS for $50 for 7 days, $75 for 15 days, or $100 for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for any reason just return the phone within 48 hours of receiving it and we will refund your money. Simple, affordable, smart.

  Rent your TravelSmart Phone & GPS now!

What other smart customers think.

I received more than I imagined!!! The phone was the latest and as a mother of three I didn't have to learn how to use it, really easy from the moment I switched ON. I truly recommend Handprint, next vacations I'll ask for my phone again!! Thanx.

Cinthya A.
Lima, Peru

I rented a Handprint Smart Phone and it was incredibly helpful to me on my trip to the states. It was very easy and having GPS and internet while I traveled made my trip much better.

Leandro A.
London, England

LOVE your phone service...just want to say how great is was to have an excellent phone, super easy to setup, and then the GPS was a life saver.

Daniel S.
Toronto, Canada

When I went to New York last month I got a Handprint phone. I have a lot of friends there and it was so helpful to be able to call and have them call me without worrying about international prices.

Yvonne T.
Berlin, Germany

Frequently asked questions.

What kind of phones are these?
TravelSmart phones are easy to use Moto G smartphones, running Google Android with some extra features.

How do I get my email on a TravelSmart phone?
All you need to know is your email address and password to add most email accounts in seconds, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, & many more.

What about my contacts?
If you use an email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, you can sync your contact list with that service from your own phone, and then when you add that same account on the TravelSmart phone your contacts will magically appear!

What network do TravelSmart phones run on?
Our phones run on the T-mobile nationwide network, covering the vast majority of the United States. To check coverage in a particular area please use the T-mobile coverage map